Public district schools are an optimal choice

SOSAz is a credible resource for accurate information on public education, driving informed action.

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SOSAz‘s  mission helps the average citizen (parents & community members) better understand current issues in public education, quickly identifies resources that provide accurate and verifiable information from all perspectives, and encourages and enables their confident voice and voting.

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Arizona Parent Network

The mission of the Arizona Parent Network is to establish and maintain a strategic, resilient and sustainable statewide system of pipelines and points of parent, community, and professional connections. Our purpose is to change future outcomes regarding sound public education policy in Arizona.

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Legislative Connection

Meeting with legislators one-on-one, SOSAz volunteers get an inside view of their political life at the state legislature and learn their interests, challenges, and priorities as our elected officials.

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Education Excellence Expo

A visual and experiential display off the accomplishments and achievements of Arizona Public District Schools. Over time, the Education Excellence Expo will measurably move the broad public conversation and perception needle toward greater understanding and support of public district schools as a delivery point of high quality education.

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