About SOSAz

SOSAz was founded in 1994 as a volunteer grass roots organization dedicated to ensuring a high quality public education for the 81% of Arizona students attending public district schools. It is our belief that all members of a community benefit from a sound public education system.

The majority of Arizonans believe in a high quality public education for all students. However, when it comes to engaging in sound public education policy, many don’t vote, or when voting, don’t draw the nexus between who they vote for and the legislation those lawmakers enact. This creates gaps between what the desires and what support our public schools actually receive.

Beginning with a handful of volunteers, SOSAz now connects thousands of engaged community members who advocate for our public schools. The organization provides accurate, credible information, promoting a better understanding of the current issues in public education and encouraging meaningful action.

SOSAz is governed by a volunteer board of directors who are business people, non-profit managers, educators, school board members and last but certainly not least, parents. With one dedicated Executive Director (unpaid), a passionate administrative support center, and an army of volunteers, SOSAz accomplishes significant community engagement around public education on a lean budget.

SOSAz was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2007. Your financial donation is income tax-deductible. Truly reflective of our grass roots origins, if every one of our supporters and volunteers donated just $20 annually, our basic operating budget would be financed.


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