Running and Gunning in the NBA

Today’s game has really evolved. The NBA trend right now is shoot threes rather than penetrate. Analytics shows according to experts that the three right now is the most used weapon rather than the getting points in the paint. In a recent shot cart of all the teams of the NBA shows that shots are either a 3-point shoot or a dunk. It seems that teams have been copying the 3-point philosophy of the GSW the most known team that has been successful using this method. It has brought them championship using this method.

But according to Kerr they are not sold the idea of this philosophy which is very ironic. Kerr is still a believer of the penetration game. His team has benefited from this philosophy with the one greatest shooter in NBA in Curry they have been successful using this method. That is why they were  favorite among betting sites according to jm ez bonus promo codes.

The question is this good for the NBA? Well if you will ask Greg Popovich, he thinks it is not good. Prompting him to say that, “There is no basketball anymore, there is no beauty in it, and it is pretty boring”. Well the San Antonio Spurs seems to be not a fan of this method because they are the only NBA team that shoots less three but with a high percentage though. This is because his team right now has the most mid rangers in Aldridge and Derozan.

Some of netizens though grill Popovich for airing his feelings about the threes well in fact he is the architect of the corner three. This tactic helped him won the championship in 2014. In facts stats shows that the Spurs then was high percentage 3-point shooter then and even now.

To Sum it Up

Well the NBA has evolved, and it is a long way now from the paint offense to shooting beyond the arc. What ever happens is that we will enjoy the game that we love in the first place. After all it is about entertainment.